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What are Acoustic treatments?

Acoustic treatments help to reduce unwanted background noise and reverberation (echo). With a number of design and installation options to consider the end result should always be the same; a reduction in the unwanted background noise and echo in your School, Office, Restaurant or indeed any space that is being affected by distracting sound.

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Why do I need an Acoustic Treatment?

Poor acoustics are one of the most disruptive and distracting issues we all face. Whether you’re presenting to a large audience in a hall, a teacher in a school classroom, working in a busy call centre, or trying to enjoy a meal in a noisy restaurant; noise and echo lead to poor acoustics which leads to unwanted distraction, poor concentration, reduced speech intelligibility and even loss of customers in restaurants.


How do Acoustic treatments work?

The design, layout and materials used within a space all have an impact on the acoustic properties of the room. A large room with high ceilings, lots of windows, hard surfaces on the walls and/or floor is likely be a reverberant space. By installing special acoustic panels in the room, you can absorb the unwanted sound, reducing the amount of time sound has to travel thus stopping it from becoming distracting noise and echo.

What to do now

First, we talk about your situation so that we can fully understand which solution will work best. We have worked on hundreds of projects from small meeting rooms, classrooms, halls, large lecture theatres and huge atriums.

 RG Sound Solutions have an extensive range of acoustic solutions to meet all your individual requirements. We offer a free no obligation acoustic survey detailing the rooms makeup. We will discuss your rooms design and we will offer impartial advice on the best way to make improvements to the acoustics. We offer full installation and project management, carried out by our in-house team.